Monday, December 28, 2009

Mental Breakdown of a Girl part 14

My family is here.
in this very room.
smiling at me as i pretend to be texting or doing something less productive than what i'm actually doing.
that would just happen to be blogging via iPod touch.
My Aunt Elly is here without a boyfriend this time around.
My favorite cousin is here along with her, not being forced to endure another one of his mother's boyfriends.
His name is Ryan.
He is 17 and is just as into music and mischief as i am.
It's pretty cool to have somebody you can relate to and talk to twice a year.
That helps alot.
I'm being unbelievably sarcastic, of course, because a prospering hormonal teenage girl like myself needs more than two times a year to dump her feelings on her older cousin.
I better get started on that.

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  1. Heyyy guess what?

    I left you an award at my blog :D