Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mental Breakdown of a Girl Part 15 [Dec. 27, 2009]

There's a possibility.
There's a possibility.
There is always a line of endless possibility.
In any situation you have to take a moment to stop and think about all the possibilities.
All the different ways things could happen as a result of one decision.
Things can change in an instant.
It's quite crazy when you think about it.
My choice to skip breakfast this morning could have a massive effect on how my math grade looks at the end of my junior year.
Although unlikely, you never REALLY know.
That's what sucks about society.
People are so naturally knowledge thirsty, it pisses the hell out of them when they are lacking the information of something as simple as that.
What pisses me off the most is that people always think there has to be some scientific reasoning to EVERYTHING.
Whatever helps them on judgment day, i guess.

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