Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mental Breakdown of a Girl Part 4

Starting to grab ahold of reality once more.
I'm getting gradually better and school is, in fact, carrying on without my attendance,
whether i like it or not.
So many thoughts have been going through my head.
I better get reading.
I need a good shower.
Where's the remote, i'm going to miss CSI?!
My brain needs a break, as if this past week of endless nothingness was hard on me.
An old friend decided to send me a little hello gesture through myspace today.
It's making me CRAZY-er.
This "old friend", whom i haven't seen or heard from in two years thought it would be cute to show up in my life again after leaving it so abruptly.
Jay Latimir's father died of cardiac arrest a short while after the two of us had decided we were better off as "just friends".
His mother is a mormon and divorced.
He moved to Utah within the next few months and I never heard from him again.
Until now, that is.
that's all he typed out and posted on my comment page.
What am i supposed to say to that?
as if it excites me?
It does.
We all know it does.
and that's exactly what i typed and posted on his comment page.
I was only a naive seventh grader, so it's not like i was in love with this kid,
but somebody just up and leaving me like that was NOT something i really wanted to go through again.
So here i am, a highschool freshman, and i'm turning one little gesture into some fairytale.
He comes back for me.
We live happily ever after.
The freaking end, right?
I'll find out.
-Keeping you and I waiting.

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