Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mental Breakdown of a Girl Part 10

I helped out at my church the other night.
Food Ministries.
Our youth group was helping to pass out hot chocolate to the homeless.
A kid I recognized from my school walked in.
I was about to walk over and ask if he wanted to help pass out the hot chocolate to the homeless until i realized he WAS the homeless.
He was wearing the same hoody he wore every other day.
It was red with a black hood and it had a worn out logo of some sports team faded on the front.
I wondered if that was the only reason i recognized him in the first place.
I would have never guessed that he had no place to live.
No place to call home.
It took me by surprise, but i guess God works in mysterious ways like that.
God was telling me something.
I think he wanted me to do something, to say somthing.
I just couldn't make it out.
Dear God,
Could you speak a wee bit louder, please?
It's hard to hear down here.
with all my love and appreciation,
Mental Breakdown of a Girl.

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