Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mental Breakdown of a Girl Part 5

I had forgotten the gesture.
I had wiped it clean from my memory after he didn't respond.
I was watching What I Like About You.
Amanda Bynes cracks me up when George Lopez isn't on.
Her new boyfriend was wearing cute little duckie boxers.
It reminded me of someone else i knew who also had cute little duckie boxers.
Jay probably doesn't wear them after two years,
but he had them at one point,
and i knew it,
and the ducks are coming back to haunt me.
Nothing is really a coincidence in my book.
He messaged me.
The ducks show up.
Somebody is trying to tell me something.
but they're trying.
I'm crazy.
They need to try harder if they're trying to get a message through to ME.

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