Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mental Breakdown of a Girl Part 9 [school edition]

I wish I could just run away from it all.
Be myself for a little while.
I get so lost within the walls of my own identity here.
I can't stand to be awake, alive, surrounded by the endless gossip and blanks stares from the ill-minded people of today's "society."
People have always played a leading role in what i think, how i live, who i am...
but lately, being around the few and the relentless is all i can handle right now.
God is guiding me, no, PUSHING me down this path.
THE path.
I'm taking it; racing down it.
I will be the first and only one to get where i'm going because i'm following the road Gad has wound for me.
I refuse to be the next Jonah.
I refuse to refuse God's demands.
I refuse to be eaten by a fish.
I'm headed in the righteous direction.
Where are you headed?

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