Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mental Breakdown of a Girl [thanksgiving edition]

there really is nothing like being quarantined over thanksgiving break.
the family is terrified of the very sight of me.
"OH NO! she's diseased. get her OUT."
and that's perfectly fine with me.
i've got my apple pie.
my hot wings.
George Lopez.
it's all good.
only a few more hours until my family gets back from their SECOND round of thanksgiving dinner without me.
spending commercials reading Twisted for the THIRD time since last christmas, only THIS time it's for a book report.
i guess it would be easy if i felt like writing, but i don't.
so i guess i have to read it yet AGAIN in order to capture my twisted thaughts on paper AS i'm reading the book.
if it's what the wicked witch of the west hallway's what she'll get.
i'm so thankful that i have
my apple pie.
non stop George Lopez reruns.
a good book.
and the uncanny ability to babble on and on and on about the STUPIDEST of things.
i'm out.
happy thanksgiving.
-girl who can't do anything right to save her life and is having a mental breakdown as we speak so excuse the lame post and get back to your thanksgiving vaca.

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