Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mental Breakdown of a Girl Part 17

I'm really making it an effort to blog, blog, blog every day.
Though I have nothing to write about and time, that thing, is laughing at me while it runs out, I'm really trying to beat it.
Well, since I'm thinking about it...
What does a light Christmas mean to you?
(or any other holiday)
It's a new term to me this year that has been eating away at me since I first heard it slip from my momma's mouth last month.
This is also my first Christmas without my grandpa.
He passed away in October and that's part of the reason I have been completely numbing myself and no longer taking account of my surroundings.
I guess I had more time than I thought I did, and look where my thoughts have taken me...
Note to self : learn to shut my trap every once in a while.

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